Korg Prologue – Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer (16-Voice)

Korg Prologue - Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer (16-Voice)
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Product Highlights:

– 16 voice analog synthesizer circuit
– Newly developed multi-engine equipped with three types: noise, VPM, and user (open source!)
– High-quality digital effects
– New L.F. COMP. analog effect for added depth and warmth (prologue-16 only)
– Bi-timbre support: split, layer, or crossfade timbres
– Voice modes that allow voices to be flexibly recombined
– Arpeggiator with mono and poly modes
– Program Sort allows rapid access to 500 programs
– High-quality natural touch full-size keyboard
– Oscilloscope function shows the waveform visually
– Tough and stylish aluminum and wood body
– Sturdy chassis-mounted pots
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A New-Generation Of Flagship Analog Synthesizer.

The Ultimate Multi-Voice, Multi-Timbre, Multi-Engine.

Prologue is a fully-programmable, full-featured, professional synthesizer. Preceded by the four-voice polyphonic minilogue and the monophonic monologue, it’s the long-awaited debut of the flagship: the prologue.

Pprologue is a polyphonic analog synthesizer equipped with a full-sized keyboard. With powerful analog circuits that are descended directly from the earlier models of the series, together with a newly developed digital multi-engine and gorgeous DSP-based effects, prologue expands the variety of sounds and the possibilities for user customization.

The lineup is comprised of two models that cover musicians’ needs for not only stage use, but also a studio, home, or touring use: eight-voice 49-key prologue-8. These instruments are capable of sounds that go beyond existing analog synthesizers.

16-voice analog sound

The prologue is a polyphonic analog synthesizer with 8 or 16 multitimbral voices. KORG’s analog synthesizer development in recent years has culminated in the prologue, which was designed using 11,000 discrete electronic components. Although the prologue is a flagship instrument, it still retains the inviting feel and accessibility of its predecessors. It features a pure analog path, impeccable sound quality, stunning presence unlike any other polysynth, and the same intuitive interface as the minilogue and monologue, granting you intuitive access to a vast world of analog synthesis.

The prologue uses a structure of 2VCO + MULTI-ENGINE, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA, and 1LFO. In addition to distinctive, original circuitry, such as wave shaping to shape the oscillator’s overtones and a sync/ring switch, prologue also features a two-pole low pass filter with enhanced sharpness, drive that adds powerful distortion, and a low cut (high pass) switch. Every detail has been improved on from minilogue and monologue. Its sound covers every sonic possibility: fat basses, powerful leads, and the beautiful pads that you expect from a polyphonic synthesizer.

Newly Developed Multi-Engine

The ingenuity of prologue goes beyond its analog design. The newly developed multi-engine is provided as VCO3, adding digital waveforms and FM. This multi-engine, which is equipped with three different sound engines, can be combined with the analog VCOs to expand prologue’s sonic potential far beyond that of a traditional analog synthesizer.

Noise Generator

There are four types of the noise generator, indispensable for percussive sounds or sound effects. Experience how digital filtering can produce direct changes in the color of the noise.

VPM Oscillator

The VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) / FM oscillator was newly developed for a prologue. Its metallic and sharp sounds with their complex overtones could never be obtained by analog means. With 16 types of oscillator and the SHAPE knob, you’ll be intuitively guided through complex sound design. Combine these wave shapes with prologue’s gorgeous analog filters, and prepare for sounds you never thought possible.

User Oscillator

The user oscillator section lets you load oscillator programs of your own creation. Sixteen slots are provided, and one type of morphing wavetable oscillator is built-in as a preset.

Analog comp/booster

The exclusive VU meter is available only on the prologue-16 and indicates the newly developed master effect L.F. COMP. It’s a low-end booster/compressor using an analog circuit, delivering a solid sense of presence that cannot be obtained from a simple EQ. You’ll particularly notice the difference in high-volume stage performances where maximum dynamics can be utilized.

Digital Effects

The high-quality digital effects feature pristine 32-bit floating-point processing and add a further polish to the sound of the prologue. With two effect units provided (a modulation effect and delay/reverb), you can choose from a wide variety such as chorus or ensemble, warm tape delay, or diverse reverbs. The user effect slots let you load effect programs of your own creation.


The prologue offers an SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows developers to program, customize and extend the capabilities of the multi-engine and digital effects and is expected to be available for download in the spring of 2018. The prologue provides 16 user oscillator slots and 16 user effect slots, and users can use the prologue Librarian software (also expected to be available for download in the spring of 2018) to load into their prologue new oscillators and effect programs created by developers with the prologue SDK (Software Development Kit).

What types of sound will you create by combining the expanded digital oscillators with analog synthesis? You can create original programs and share code to participate in the user community. Start with sample code provided by KORG. The prologue belongs to you.


The prologue is a two-timbre synthesizer that lets you play two different programs simultaneously. In addition to layer and split, you can use crossfade to smoothly transition between the main timbre and sub timbre. An ample 16 or 8 voices ensure that the player’s advanced performance needs will be met.

Voice Modes

The prologue provides voice modes that let you freely combine the 16 or 8 voices for performance. The standard POLY mode lets you play chords with up to 16 or 8-note polyphony. MONO mode is ideal for bass using the sub-oscillator. UNISON allows you to generate thick lead tones by sounding all voices in unison. CHORD lets you play chords with one finger. In conjunction with the DEPTH knob, you can use these modes to obtain a variety of effects.

Four Voice Modes

  • – Poly: Operates as a polysynth with up to 16 or 8 voices. Turn the VOICE MODE DEPTH knob to switch to DUO mode, in which the instrument operates in unison as a polysynth with up to 8 or 4 voices.
  • – Mono: Operates as a mono synth with sub oscillator.
  • – Unison: Operates as an all-unison mono synth.
  • – Chord: Plays chords.


The powerful arpeggiator opens up a world of limitless inspiration. It provides a four-octave range and six arpeggiator types including manual set. From phrases that could not be performed on a keyboard to sequence-like sound designs, the arpeggiator can play a versatile array of roles.

Program Sort

The program sort function lets you instantly change the sorting order of the 500 programs. You can sort by category, alphabetical order, use LIKE to view the programs that you marked as your favorites, FREQUENT to sort the programs in order of their frequency of use, or ENVELOPE to sort the programs in order of their envelope shape (note duration). By choosing from eight different sorting conditions, you’ll be able to quickly find the sound that you need, without interrupting the tempo of your rehearsal or production workflow.

Eight Program Sort Methods

  • Prog Num: Sort by program number.
  • Category: Sort by program category.
  • Alphabetical: Sort programs alphabetically.
  • Like: Sort by programs that you “liked.”
  • Frequent: Sort by how frequently you used the program.
  • Envelope: Sort by envelope shape.
  • Random: Sort randomly.
  • Live Set: Sort programs registered in a live set.
  • Japanese-Made Natural Touch Keyboard


The attention to detail expected of a flagship extends to prologue’s playability and design as well.

The keyboard is a high-quality Japanese-made natural touch keyboard, providing the same superb touch and feel as on KORG’s high-end workstations, and allowing a high degree of expressive power.

prologue’s body emanates beauty and the presence of a boutique synth, and newly redefines the look of a classic synthesizer. The black aluminum front panel features the same curvature as the minilogue, and sports a beautiful hairline finish. Metal knobs with a sense of weight, diamond-cut silver indices, and oak wood side panels are some of the details that emphasize the high quality of this Made In Japan instrument.

Korg Prologue Specs

Keyboard61 keys (Natural Touch keyboard with velocity)
Sound GenerationAnalog sound generator + multi-digital sound generator (noise, VPM, user)
ProgramsOver 500 voices (more than 200 preload, 300 user programs)
Each program provides a program sort function that includes voice mode and timbre settings, and allows up to 8×4 banks of live set programs to be registered
Program Sort: 8 (Prog Number, Category, Alphabetical, Like, Frequent, Envelope, Random, Live Set)
VoicesVoice Mode: 4 (Poly, Mono, Unison, Chord)
The voice mode depth setting allows different parameters to be varied for each mode
Multi TimbralTimbres: Max two timbre (main timbre, sub timbre)
Layer, crossfade, and split settings are possible
Arpeggiator6 types (manual, rise, fall, rise-fall, random, poly random)
Tempo and note range can be changed
Synthesizer StructureVCO1: Wave (Saw, Triangle, Square), Octave, Pitch, Shape
VCO2: Wave (Saw, Triangle, Square), Octave, Pitch, Shape
Modulation: Pitch EG (All, VCO1+2, VCO2), Pitch EG Int, Sync, Ring, Cross Mod Depth
Multi-Engine: Noise/VPM/User, Octave, Type, Shape
Multi-Engine Types:
Noise Generator: 4 types
VPM Oscillator: 16 types
User Oscillator: 16 slots
Mixer: VCO1, VCO2, Multi
VCF: Cutoff, Resonance, EG INT, Drive, Low Cut, Keytrack
AMP EG: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
EG: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
LFO: Wave(Saw, Triangle, Square), MOD (Fast, Slow, BPM), Rate, Int, Target (Pitch, Shape, Cutoff)
EffectsMod Effects: Off/On/Select (Chorus, Ensemble, Phaser, Flanger, User), Speed, Depth
Mod Effects Types
Chorus: 8 types
Ensemble: 3 types
Phaser: 8 types
Flanger: 8 types
User: 16 typesDelay/Reverb: Off/Delay/Reverb, Time, Depth
Delay/Reverb Types
Delay: 8 types
Reverb: 8 typesLow-Frequency Compression: Off/On, Gain
ControlsWheels: Pitch wheel
Modulation wheel (can modify different parameters for each program)
Knobs: Portamento knob, Voice Spread knob
DisplayMain: Real-time OLED oscilloscope provides visual feedback of parameter changes
Multi-Engine Section: 7-segment x 6-digit LED display
Inputs and OutputsAudio:
Stereo Headphone: 1/4″ / 6.35 mm TRS
Output (Left/Mono, Right) 2 x 1/4″ / 6.35 mm TS
Sync In: 1/8″ / 3.5 mm (maximum input level 20 V)
Sync Out: 1/8″ / 3.5 mm (output level 5 V)
MIDI: MIDI in, MIDI out (5-pin DIN)
USB: Type-B
Expression & Damper: 1/4″ / 6.35 mm (half damper is not supported)
PowerPower Supply: AC power supply terminal (IEC connector)
Power Consumption: 38 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)34.4 x 13.7 x 4.7″ / 874.0 x 348.0 x 118.1 mm
Weight20.6 lb / 9.3 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight25.55 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)40.0 x 18.5 x 9.0″
UPC Code4959112175198

What's In The Box

Korg Prologue - Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer (16-Voice)
  • Korg Prologue 16 Synthesizer
  • IEC Power Cord
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


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