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Sekonic C-800-U Spectromaster Color and Illuminance Meter

  • Employs SSI (Spectral Similarity Index)
  • Measures Virtually any Kind of Light
  • Range: 0.09-18,600 fc (1-200,000 lux)
  • Color Temperature Range of 1600-40,000K
  • 4.3" Touchscreen with 11 Display Modes
  • Displays CRI, SSI, TLCI, TLMF, TM-30-15
  • Shows Rosco, Lee, Fuji & Wratten Names
  • Multiple Light Comparison

Price $1,599.00

Giottos AA1900 Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal Tool Large – Black +...

  • 7.5" Long
  • Blows Dust off Sensitive Surfaces
  • Effectively Cleans Hard-to-Reach Places

Price $24.95

Xit XTHD270 Bounce Hard Dome Diffuser for Canon 270EX/270EX II...

  • Soft, even light output
  • Made to fit Canon 270EX & 270EX II
  • Easy on; easy Off

Price $5.99

Xit XTPS101 Portable Photo Studio Lighting Kit (Black/White)

  • Easy to set up, light weight, table-top portable studio delivers professional quality photos. ideal for use with digital cameras. Includes two table top lights with retractable legs 
  • Includes two colored backgrounds for contrast with either light or dark objects 
  • Including mini tripods
  • Special nylon diffuser screen creates soft lighting, eliminates harsh shadows with a balanced color and remarkable definition.
  • Studio box size: 16" x 16" x 16"

Price $40.47

Xit XTHD580 Bounce Hard Dome Diffuser for Canon 580EX and...

  • Soft, even light output
  • Made to fit Canon 580EX & 580EX II
  • Easy on; easy Off

Price $5.00

Xit XTHD430 Bounce Hard Dome Diffuser for Canon 430EX and...

  • Soft, even light output
  • Made to fit Canon 430EX & 430EX II
  • Easy on; easy Off

Price $5.92

Xit Flash Bracket For LED Light

  • 1/4"-20 screw to attach the bracket to the camera
  • 1/4" socket to mount the bracket on a tripod
  • 1/4"-20 male screw with a shoe on top to attach a flash, video light, microphone or any other shoe mount accessory.

Price $9.99

Xit Universal Automatic Flash XTDF4500

  • This flash can be used as a universal automatic flash or slave unit, giving you more options during photography.
  • Comes with a standard reflector to cover down to 28mm flash coverage without any dark corners
  • Flash mode: Automatic
  • Bounce 30° / 45° / 60° / 75° / 90°
  • Swivel 60° / 75° / 90° / 120° / 150° / 180° left and 60° / 75° / 90° right
  • Auto power save
  • Built-in battery indicator
  • Built-in slave
  • Five year limited warranty

Price $29.99

Xit XTDF260C Elite Series Digital SLR Auto-Focus Power Zoom Flash...

  • LCD display 
  • Metal hot shoe 
  • Memory function 
  • Guide No: 85(m) / 279ft 
  • Power saving mode 
  • PC Synchronous Port 
  • Wireless trigger sensor 
  • Accurate brightness control 
  • High speed continuous shooting 
  • Support front curtain synchronous 
  • Super Speed of charging recycle 
  • Supports multi-flash lighting applications (S1/S2 mode) 
  • Automatic temperature detection (overheating protection) 
  • Compatible with E-TTL II flash automatically 
  • Bounce, swivel & auto power zoom head 
  • Power ratio: 1/1 - 1/128 
  • Five years limited warranty 

Price $55.00

Xit XTD130N Professional TTL Digital Flash with Bounce, Swivel and...

  • i-TTL Nikon Dedication
  • Bounce
  • Swivel
  • Slave

Price $35.61

Xit Digital Dedicated TTL Flash for Canon

  • Guide No: 40 m / 130 ft
  • Flash ready indicator in viewfinder
  • Full Digital TTL dedication
  • Autofocus Infra-Red Assistance beam
  • Bounce construction
  • Automatic shutter speed setting
  • Auto check (Ok) indicator
  • Red eye reduction
  • Dedication: ETTL I/II
  • Single slave function

Price $49.99

Vivitar Dual Action Lightning & Motion Activated Shutter Trigger For...

  • 0.1 Millisecond response time
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Unlimited lightning trigger range
  • 30 foot motion trigger range
  • Can be mounted on standard hot-shoe or 1/4" tripod thread
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Captures fast and exciting action
  • Lightning & shutter triggers with lightning and fireworks
  • Motion activated shutter triggers when detecting movement

Price $65.95

Vivitar Wireless TTL Flash Trigger For Nikon

  • 2.4GHz Wireless
  • Distance: 100m (328ft)
  • Flash Mode: E-TTL/M/Multi
  • Sync Mode: Rear-Curtain, Front-Curtain, HSS
  • Wireless Channels:
  • Group Control: A/B/C
  • Sync Speed: 1/8000
  • Compatible with hot shoe, studio, and Outdoor Flashes
  • Auto Focus Assist Lamp
  • Adjustable Zoom Support
  • Powered By 2 AA Batteries ( Not included)
  • Triggers Off-Camera flash units and studio lights
  • Allows more photographic freedom
  • Compatible with most Nikon Cameras.

Price $59.99

3 Colored Flash Diffusers for DSLR Pop-UP Flashes Soft Light...

  • Use on any DSLR camera that has a hot shoe and pop-up flash
  • 3 diffusers to soften, warm and cool light
  • Height of diffusers is adjustable
  • Includes adapter for older Sony AIS hot shoes

Price $5.15

Sakar Universal Flash Diffuser

  • Provides soft even flash illumination
  • One size fits all. Attaches with the included velcro strap and grip band
  • Folds down flat for easy storage and portability

Price $7.99

Instant Savings: -$1.00

Agfa Photo Off Camera Flash Shoe Cord For Nikon

  • Molded shoe on one end that slides onto the camera hot shoe
  • Locks to prevent accidental dislodging of the shoe
  • Cord can be used up to 2 feet (0.6 meters)
  • For Nikon Flashes

Price $10.00
Instant savings: $1.00
You pay $9.00

Instant Savings: -$20.00

Lenz A Hand, Helps Hold Grip, Stabilize and Focus your...

  • Ideal for people with limited hand mobility
  • Fits most lenses
  • Allows for smooth video operation
  • Can be used with a monopod, tripod or by itself
  • Handle can be removed for easy storage

Price $39.95
Instant savings: $20.00
You pay $19.95

Hildozine Transceiver Caddy V2.5 for PocketWizard Flex TT5 (5001)

  • For PocketWizard Plus IV Transceiver
  • Elastic Band Secures Device to Stand
  • Attaches Directly to Transceiver

Price $16.95

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